Reading Your Gas Meter

The natural gas bills you receive from your energy retailer are based on how much natural gas has been consumed at your property which is measured by the gas meter.

Every two months, a meter reader from our partner Skilltech will attend your property to obtain a read from your gas meter. They will be dressed in the uniform shown in the picture which prominently displays identification as a meter reader.

Meter readers may also be required to obtain a meter read at times other than the periodical two month reading cycle due to specially requested reads, general investigations etc.

If you have any concerns regarding a meter reader or someone claiming to be one on your property please contact our customer service team on 1300 887 501

The expected date of the next periodical meter read is shown on your bill from your energy retailer. Please be aware that meter readers typically attend within 2 days either side of this expected date.

Meter Reading Card

Every attempt is made to read your meter, however there are circumstances where the meter reader may not be able to get access to your meter - such as locked gates, obstructions to the meter or pets.

In these instances, a card will be left in your letterbox informing you that a read was not able to be obtained.

If you receive this card, there are ways you can supply your own customer read to us. You may also like to provide us with additional information which may assist us getting access to your meter in the future. Keep scrolling for instructions on how to do so.

Alternatively, we will provide an estimated meter read to your retailer based on the historical consumption.

Providing a Customer Read

1. Read Your Gas Meter

Your gas meter can typically be found in the front portion of your property - alongside the house, a boundary fence or in the garden.

What your gas meter looks like may vary depending on its age, model and type. The meter should be branded with “Multinet Gas networks”. If it is in another name, your property may not be within the MGN gas distribution network, so please call us on 1300 887 501 to confirm.

Meter number: The meter number will either be on the meter dial itself or on a separate plate close to the meter dial. The meter number consists of several numbers followed by two letters. This meter number should match the meter number on your gas bill from your energy retailer.

Meter Read: Read the digits on the meter dial from left to right including any zeros. If your meter dial has a decimal point we only require the numbers before it (to the left of the decimal). The decimal digits are typically shown in a red box or the digit will be red.

See below example to help identify and read your meter.

In this example:
Meter Number is 1037OV and the Meter Read is 8551

In this example:
Meter Number is 49513OY and the Meter Read is 00117


2. Send in your meter read

By Phone:

By Email:


Provide the following:

  • Name, Address and a contact number
  • MIRN number (which can be found on your gas bill)
  • Meter number (which can be found on your gas meter)
  • Meter Read (attach a photo of your gas meter showing the meter dial and Meter number if submitting via email)
  • Date read was taken
  • Any additional information which could assist us with getting access to your meter in future

Estimated Meter Reads

Where we are unable to gain access to your meter, an estimated meter read will be provided to your retailer.

An estimated read is calculated using a standard method set by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and is based on the history of gas consumption at your property.

Once an actual read is provided either by a customer read or by gaining access in the next read cycle, we will update the consumption and provide the details to your retailer.